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Innovative 激光雷达技术: Optical Modules 和 Components for LiDAR Sensors

Delivering the Power of 光 – For more efficiency, safety, 和 autonomy.


LiDAR sensors are a key technology of the future for process automation or highly automated, fully automated 和 autonomous driving. In conjunction with cameras 和 radar sensors, 他们感知周围的环境, 帮助取向, 检测到障碍物, measure distances - 和 thus ensure greater safety 和 efficiency on busy roads 和 in automated industrial environments.

光 Detection And Ranging in 3D: the key to fully autonomous driving

By generating precise 3D images of the vehicle or automation environment through thous和s of distance measurements per second, 3D LiDAR sensors provide essential information for reliable object detection 和 collision avoidance. The optical LiDAR method allows higher spatial 和 depth resolution compared to radar sensors, is faster 和 less computationally intensive than camera technology 和 thus complements the vision of semi-autonomous 和 autonomous vehicles or industrial installations.

Behind the simple-sounding method is high-tech: The exact interaction of laser, optics 和 detector of the transmitting 和 receiving unit of a 3D LiDAR sensor based on Flash, 固态, 微机电系统, or rotating mirror technology requires profound know-how 在se disciplines. 正是这种 combination of knowledge 和 practical experience 这使得 Jenoptik在这一地区是独一无二的.

作为一个 主要光子专家, 365bet体育入口使365bet体育入口的客户 create custom LiDAR sensors for challenging applicationsautomotive, mobility, industrial automation, 和 safety & 安全365bet体育入口. Our offer ranges from customized optical 和 opto-electronic components 和 assemblies for 1D to 3D LiDAR sensors (polygon 和 微机电系统 mirror based, Flash激光雷达, 等.) to integrated 1D laser rangefinder 和 test equipment for all types of LiDAR sensors. Embark on the journey with us 和 benefit from bte365莲花游戏!

定制的 3D LiDAR optical sensor 组件和模块 from a single source

The precise 和 efficient emission 和 detection of light is the key to complex LiDAR sensors, which are increasingly being tuned for performance, 可靠性, 密实度和成本效益. Here, specialists like Jenoptik are in dem和, who offer comprehensive know-how along the photonic chain 玻璃聚合物光学.

365bet体育入口的激光雷达 组件和模块 on receiver 和 transmitter level for all common types of 3D LiDAR sensors are based on more than 40 years of experience 和 are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. 作为365bet体育入口客户的合作伙伴, we offer solution-oriented consulting, 发展, 生产, 以及单一来源的服务. Our wide range of expertise 和 system competence already makes us one of the leading tier 2 suppliers for LiDAR sensor system suppliers 在 automotive sector.

Laser rangefinder 和 rangefinder modules (1D LiDAR) 要求应用程序

For industrial automation 和 safety & security applications, we are a leading supplier of 激光距离传感器激光雷达传感器模块 要求应用程序. 当涉及到 long range 和 high accuracy in reflectorless measurements on low-reflectance, natural surfaces, our products are in dem和. 受益于365bet体育入口的经验!


  • 定制的 optical receiver modules for all common 3D LiDAR sensor types (polygon 和 微机电系统 mirror based, Flash激光雷达)
  • 定制的 optical transmitter modules for all common 3D LiDAR sensor types (polygon 和 微机电系统 mirror based, Flash激光雷达)
  • 扩散器光学 Flash-LiDAR传感器
  • 定制的 在线测试设备 用于1D和3D激光雷达传感器

LiDAR components 和 sub-modules to enable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


Overview of common LiDAR measurement methods

The 3D LiDAR method is based on scanning or imaging the environment by means of many individual optical distance measurements (= 光 Detection And Ranging). These distance information is combined into a 3D image (“point cloud”) of the environment seen by the LiDAR sensor. The distance information per image is recorded successively (扫描激光雷达) or simultaneously (non-scanning Flash激光雷达), depending on the LiDAR measurement method.


Flash激光雷达 sensors illuminate their field of view by means of a single exp和ed laser pulse or laser beam. The reflected laser light is then imaged on a detector array 和 the time-of-flight for the light per detector element is evaluated. This results in a complete 3D image of the field of view for each single laser pulse emitted. Since Flash-LiDAR sensors do not use any moving parts, 这些传感器很健壮, insensitive to vibrations 和 compact. For example, they can be easily integrated into autonomous vehicles also in large quantities.

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扫描激光雷达 sensors scan the environment with many individual laser pulses. 为了这个目的, 一个平行, pulsed laser beam (as a point or line shape) is guided over the field of views by means of a scanning optical system (transmitter optics). The light reflected by the sensor’s environment is then guided to a photodetector (receiver optics). Rotating polygon mirrors or micro-electromechanical systems, 所谓微机电系统, based on semiconductors are used as deflection optics. Disadvantages of these sensors are their bulky size, 运动部件造成的磨损, 还有制造成本.

点扫描,Quelle: PPT/XLS OES
行扫描,Quelle: PPT/XLS OES

Components 和 sub-modules for 3D LiDAR sensors

Transmitter Optics for LiDAR Sensors



The LiDAR sensor’s transmitter optics have the task of shaping (i.e. collimating or exp和ing) the laser beam 和 directing it to the field of view (FOV) of the sensor, 来衡量. 视传感器类型而定, the transmitter optics generate single laser spots, laser lines or illuminate the complete field of view of the sensor. Homogeneity 和 distortion-free imaging are prerequisites for reliable measurement data of the LiDAR sensor.

Our offerings 和 services include:

  • 带反射镜的发射光学装置, 镜头, diffractive or refractive optical elements (DOE, 和微透镜阵列(MLA)
  • 混合的镜头. These combine the best properties of spherical, aspherical 和 free-form optics based on 玻璃 or plastic (polymers, 聚碳酸酯)
  • Athermal 镜头 for temperature ranges from -40 °C to +110 °C
  • Optomechanical design of customer-specific lens systems
  • 成像光学和准直器
  • Structured laser lighting (point, line, area)

Optical Diffusers for Flash激光雷达 Sensors

Diffractive diffusers - absorb a monochromatic laser beam 和 scatter the light into any imaginable pattern


Flash激光雷达 sensors require homogeneous, full-area illumination of the field of view. 为实现这一目标, the laser beam is exp和ed homogeneously by optical diffusers, 和 then projected onto the field of view (FOV) of the LiDAR sensor. Depending on the measurement geometry 和 sensor type, different diffusers are used for which we can offer you tailor-made solutions.

Your advantage: Our expertise in optical diffusers is as diverse as it is unique. At our locations in 德国 和 the USA, we combine technological know-how, R&D resources 和 various 生产 processes from fast prototyping 和 ultra-precision technology to photolithography 和 two-component injection molding. In short: Jenoptik is your competent 和 driving partner who accepts your challenges 和 with extraordinary solutions enables you to create high-performance LiDAR sensors.


  • Diffractive 和 refractive optical elements (DOE, ROE)
  • Microlens arrays (MLA) 和 free-form optics
  • Optical components made of 玻璃, plastic/polymer, or waver/semiconductor-based
  • From ultraviolet (UV) to far infrared (FIR)
  • 0以下的结构.1 µm (玻璃, wafer) or 2 µm (plastic)
  • Rapid prototype 生产 through Diamond Turning, 超精密车削, 裁决, 铣, 和高速切削
  • Inexpensive series 生产 by injection molding
  • 光学涂层和滤光片
  • Individual optical components, modules 和 opto-mechanical systems



  • Unique photonic system competence: we combine deep experience in laser technology, optics 和 sensor technology in one house. This makes us a unique partner for manufacturers of LiDAR sensors.
  • 客户要求: tailor-made optical components, optomechanical assemblies for challenging LiDAR applications
  • 面向解决方案: you do not want to know anything about 镜头? We analyze your application 和 find a solution for you.
  • 集成解决方案: complete technology chain from design to 发展, 生产, from a single source
  • 垂直整合: from prototypes to mass 生产
  • 国际: we are available for you worldwide


  • Autonomous driving 和 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Automation technology und Industry 4.0
  • Process control, transport, 和 logistics
  • 安全与防御技术
  • 交通工程与机动性

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