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Microscopy Imaging from Jenoptik Brings the Full Power of Your Microscope to Light

Jenoptik’s sensitive, 高分辨率USB摄像头将每台显微镜升级为尖端的数字显微镜工作站.

The JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® series is specifically designed for microscopy imaging and easy to use with any microscope — whatever the brand, thanks to the C-mount interface. JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® cameras provide brilliant, low-noise images with reproducible and true color. 短曝光时间和高图像刷新率使系统时间效率高,使用方便. 这意味着你可以快速而轻松地定位和对焦你的相机,甚至对移动的物体. The USB cameras can even deliver live images at video speed in brilliant quality thanks to the state-of-the-art CMOS-sensor technology used in the camera series. 用户友好和直观的显微镜成像软件是每个相机包内容的一部分(包括未来的更新), runs on WIN / MAC / LINUX. In addition, there are many other 3rd-party software options for microscopy imaging as well as a free SDK.

JENOPTIK ProgRes® camera series is the predecessor of the current JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® series. 将您拥有的ProgRes®相机转换为您想要的gryhax®相机,使用365bet体育入口的以旧换新.

Find out more about our cameras for microscopy imaging:

Technical Information

We equip our cameras with the latest CMOS sensor technology and USB3 interface.

JENOPTIK专注于寻找完全适合大多数显微镜应用挑战的传感器. All users are looking for a large field of view, high frames per second, high dynamic range and reliable image results during live and after capture. We equip our cameras with the latest CMOS sensor technology and USB3 interface. On top, you work with a cross-platform compatible software for WIN; Mac and Linux.

PROKYON – real measured colors - a groundwork for all GRYPHAX cameras image quality:

JENOPTIK GRYPHAX PROKYON microscope camera is your flagship. 微扫描与彩色共点采样相结合,保证了彩色图像的完美. Red, green and blue information is measured at the same image location. This enables acquiring real measured color information. As a result, JENOPTIK griphax PROKYON显微镜相机被用作颜色再现的基准.

Unmatched in the scope of its applications, the high-resolution, high-sensitivity, high-dynamic, great quantum efficiency, high-live image speed and real measured color microscope camera PROKYON meets the challenges of virtually all applications: from biology and medicine to materials analysis or quality control; from low resolutions right up to resolutions up to the physical limits of microscope optics. Leading- edge applications in Fluorescence, Life & Medical Science and Material & 用于研究和开发以及常规实验室的制造对显微镜光学和显微镜相机技术有特殊的要求.

高镜头放大要求高显微镜相机灵敏度和小相机分辨率,以获得快速实时图像,方便对焦. 低镜头放大要求高分辨率相机和标准相机的灵敏度,以获得高分辨率的图像.

到目前为止,显微镜学家面临的挑战是在各种各样的显微镜相机中进行选择, 但一个重要的问题仍然存在:在一个系统中,找到一个能够满足高性能显微镜所有文档要求的显微镜相机.

Consequently, and based on 30 years’ experience, JENOPTIK重新推出了一种显微镜相机,可以满足高性能显微镜的所有需求, deliver real measured color and more flexibly than ever before.

PROKYON显微镜相机不仅容易和灵活使用,而且还提供了辉煌的图像与最终的颜色再现, adaptable resolution and answers all microscopists demands.
Depict what the microscope can see: With microscope camera PROKYON, you can exploit the full power of your existing or new microscope system. PROKYON microscope camera always provides real microscope resolution, without pixel interpolation using micro scanning and color co- site sampling.

Color-Co-Site Sampling

Microscope camera shot mode

Graphic of the 4-shot mode:

4-shot mode

Real measured colors are the result of our scanning mode & color co-site sampling. Red, green and blue information is measured at the same image location. The scanning mode meanders the pixels by moving the sensor. In other words the pixel is moving around its own location, to measure the real color information at its location and the surrounding area.
Freely selectable image resolutions from 1920 x 1200, 提供了高达2100万像素的超高像素-无损耗和真实颜色-.

Microscope camera shot mode

Grafic of the 16-shot mode:

16-shot mode

Native real measured color shot as general explanation

对于40 - 100倍的显微镜物镜放大率,365bet体育入口推荐使用PROKYON显微镜相机,其分辨率为1920 x 1200像素,每秒60帧 & video observation. For capturing we recommend the 16-shot mode. Rreal measured-color at 3840 x 2400 pixel (9 MPix).

Microscope camera shot mode

Grafic of the 36-shot mode:

36-shot mode

对于1 - 32倍的显微镜物镜放大率,365bet体育入口推荐使用PROKYON, 60帧每秒,1920 x 1200像素分辨率 & video observation. 对于捕捉,365bet体育入口推荐36镜头模式:真实测量的颜色捕捉分辨率为5760 x 3600像素(21 MPix).

Don't worry about the file size, GRYPHAX软件提供高质量无损压缩的jpg格式和低压缩的jpg格式,使一个21 MPix图像的文件大小只有1MB.

365bet体育入口的旗舰所收集的真彩技术适用于所有格里菲克斯显微镜相机产品. From now on your customer’s different workstations, equipped with different GRYPHAX microscope camera models, deliver the same color results. Your customers work is much more reliable and efficient.

所有的Jenoptik显微镜相机都是通过基于365bet体育入口Jenoptik数字图像实验室EMVA 1288指南的光谱测量来验证的.

GRYPHAX Software – unique selling propositions

365bet体育入口直观的gryhax捕获软件可以让您的客户尽可能高效地工作. 设计和可用性的图形用户界面的结构,使工作容易和直观, even in dark laboratory environments. 由于365bet体育入口在显微镜成像方面30年的经验,以及365bet体育入口与365bet体育入口的显微镜合作伙伴网络的合作,365bet体育入口知道你所面临的任务和日常挑战. Our vision is to refine your microscope workstation.


Microscope camera software

GRYPHAX Software

GRYPHAX Software value propositions at a glance

Jenoptiks high image quality is provided for all recording modes, single recorded images, time laps, panorama, as well as EDF / Z-stacking images. Even video recordings deliver outstanding image quality.


GRYPHAX软件的自动全景功能有助于在每台显微镜上进行实时全景成像. Screen your entire specimen along x- and y-axis in real time. This feature gives you ultra-high-resolution results.

EDF / Z-stacking

365bet体育入口的自动EDF/ z叠加功能简化了每台显微镜上的实时EDF成像. Press the “REC” button and start shifting your stage along the z-axis. At the live image you can observe how the final EDF-image is being created. It will be saved in the gallery automatically to complete this session.

Video recording



The measurement feature of the GRYPHAX software facilitates real-time measuring.
All measurements will be set in the resulting image and are editable after recording. Results are trustable recorded to ensure stability.

Recommended and minimum system requirements


  • Note 1:
    For software and driver installation temporary administrator permission is necessary.
    Please contact your local IT department in advance!
  • Note 2:
    对于软件操作,需要系统文件夹的“完全控制”权限 & subfolder of OS:
    Windows OS "C:\ProgramData\Jenoptik\..."
    Mac OS "MacHD\Library\Application Support\Jenoptik\..."
    Linux OS "/var/lib/Jenoptik/..."


  • Personal Computer:
    Intel i7 Quad-Core (min. 3.0 GHz) processor GB RAM (dual-channel*)
  • Operating System:
    Win 7 SP1 / Win 8.1 / Win 10 version 1903 or newer – 64 bit
    MacOS High Sierra / Mojave – 64 bit
    Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – 64 bit
  • Data Interface:
    USB 3.0 integrated over PCI Express V2.0 (Renesas chip set)
  • Graphic Interface / Monitor Resolutions:
    Dedicated Graphic card equipped with on-board video memory
    1920 x 1200 pixels for AVIOR & SUBRA & KAPELLA & RIGEL & WEGA & POLARIS & PROKYON
    3840 x 2160 pixels for BETRIA & ALTAIR & ARKTUR & NAOS

* dual-channel memory architecture mandatory to reach full camera performance


  • Personal Computer:
    Intel i5 (Dual-Core) processor or comparable GB RAM (dual-channel*)
  • Operating System:
    Win 7 SP1 / Win 8.1 / Win 10 version 1903 or newer – 64 bit
    MacOS High Sierra / Mojave – 64 bit
    Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – 64 bit
  • Data Interface:
    USB 3.0 over PCI Express V1.1 (Renesas chip set)
  • Graphic Interface / Monitor Resolutions:
    1280 x 720 pixels or higher

To re-use existing system environments with or without USB 3.0 interface, we recommend to install the included USB 3.0 PCI-Express interface card for DESKTOP operation, which is part of each JENOPTIK GRYPHAX camera delivery beginning from 2018.

Alternatively, you will find our recommended USB 3.0接口卡,由Jenoptik测试,在Jenoptik GRYPHAX®价格表中列出:
- USB 3.0 PCI-Express card for LAPTOP operation
- USB 3.0 PCI-Express card for DESKTOP operation, including two brackets (standard bracket and low profile bracket for mini-PC).

- JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® cameras on USB 2.0 interface! Connection issues & bad images can occur!
- JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® cameras under Windows XP or older and 32 bit operating systems!

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