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Stationary and mobile Systems for Maximum traffic safety

jenoptik is your expert partner in the field of traffic safety, delivering state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive service.

People’s mobility needs are increasing around the world. Infrastructure is being continuously expanded, and road traffic is increasing. This means that more projects are needed to guarantee the safety of all road users. jenoptik develops and manufactures complete systems and individual components for monitoring speed offenses and red light violations in road traffic.

our speed and red light monitoring systems allow you to monitor traffic offenses with efficiency and reliability. This helps to make accident black spots such as arterial roads, multilane intersections, blind bends and tunnels safer in the long term. Traffic monitoring also considerably improves safety at particularly dangerous sections of road near kindergartens, schools and crossings.

jenoptik provides support in the protection of the road infrastructure. Old bridges in particular require special speed limits for certain categories of vehicles to ensure the they are not overloaded. jenoptik systems allow different categories of vehicle to be differentiated, and different speed limits to be monitored for these categories. our radar systems are already helping to maintain bridge integrity on the rheinbrucke bridge in Leverkusen and the rader hochbrucke bridge in Schleswig-Holstein.

We also supply the appropriate , which can be used to generate traffic statistics or for remote system access, and to protect against vandalism. If required, we can also offer Traffic Service Provision.

our devices are suitable for both stationary and mobile traffic的粮食. jenoptik offers a wide range of sensor technologies, ensuring that the system meets your individual requirements.

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